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For those of you who commented on my entry on Dreamwidth, I can finally answer the comments. The cable dude was here this afternoon to fix my dodgy connection. It should be resolved but I need some more power strips as return and forward amplifiers are currently taking two of the strip's spots.

I'm currently watching some classic games on MLB Network. The 1998 Brewers had some awful uniforms. The 1990s Brewers had some awful, period. I hadn't seen any Brewers games in this period before. At least this recording has the comforting and familiar voice of Bill Schroeder. Unfortunately this game features Randy Johnson and assorted Astros pounding the crap out of the Crew. The last time I saw Randy Johnson pitch, in '08, he gave up two hits to Seth McClung (former AL pitcher, who also bats left--this would predict a bad matchup) so he's definitely slipped a bit XDXDXD

I'm going in to see a surgeon on Friday--I don't know if they're actually going to perform the surgery then or if it's just a pre-surgical consultation. (Mole and bump removal, on face and nose. Nothing to immediately worry about.) The problem is that I'm supposed to be doing my first weekend editor rotation for Brew Crew Ball this weekend. I didn't think when I made the appointment. The surgery won't impair my ability to post a Weekend Mug unless I can't wear my glasses, in which case I'll end up hooking up my Eee at somewhere with free wifi and push my face right against the screen while I write a short Mug.
This gallery is making me not look forward to Target Field, either.

First off, it's got that sort of moated seating around the infield that is in the New Yankee Stadium. That's fine for during the game, but it's going to be trickytricky trying to get good pictures during batting practice. I don't do the pestering players for autographs thing but that's going to be impossible there, it looks like.

The outfield seating looks like it sucks, too, compared to the Dome.

Also, where are the bullpens located? This is very important to me. I enjoy watching relief pitchers in their natural environment about as much as I enjoy watching the game.

I already had a feeling that I would take in 99% of my NL and interleague action at Miller Park in 2010 and beyond anyway, but now I'm thinking I should check out Chicago and KC by car as well so I can see if they'll meet my AL-viewing needs. (I love Comerica Park, but getting to Detroit is an expensive proposition, and not something I want to do every year.)

After looking at these pics? I miss Coors Field SO MUCH. If only I didn't hate downtown Denver....
The fridge finally bit the dust. The compressor is bad and expensive to fix, so I must obtain new fridge.

A new fridge comparable to old fridge is about $900.

I guess I shouldn't have went to Detroit. >_
Is anyone interested in some old Windows 3.1/DOS games and programs? I'll ship, no worries. The highlights of the collection are an Infocom fantasy text adventure CD and a 1994 Sports Illustrated almanac.

I'm also trying to sell off a bunch of clothes, most new with tag, sizes 16W-18W, and I'll be taking pictures of those later. (will give eBay feedback link on request to show that I really do ship out my stuff.)
My only response to this post is that if I've learned to expect anything in fandom, it's that expectations are frequently proved to be wrong.
All the pictures I took of Ryan Braun and Corey Hart (and that one of Seth McClung) were bad or fuzzy.

All the found object/skyscraper/urban photography shots I took at the same time are perfect.

(All the pictures of Angela and [info] - personalrather_dashing turned out perfectly normal, except for some Angie red-eye.)

See, I knew I shouldn't have taken those pictures!
So, some of you may know my not-often-updated baseball blog Warm Summer Days Indoors is named after a line in the Smiths song "Ask."

There are other lines more appropriate to me, such as
Shyness is nice, and
Shyness can stop you
From doing all the things in life
You'd like to

I just finished Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim's The Eternal Smile a couple of days ago and the third comic really hit a nerve. All the comics in that collection are about the same thing, really, the taking of personal responsibility where one didn't believe one had any, but the one about the put-upon ISP worker trying to get a promotion but couldn't be assertive enough until she ran into a 419 scam was the one that I felt applied to my life the most.

Yesterday, if not for the presence of a friend, I would not have done something because my introversion would have forced me away from doing it. I'm still not sure it was the right thing to do, but it's something I may have needed to do.

I may also change my reservation for the 10th anniversary MetaFilter meetup from "maybe" to "yes." If I could do that, I can handle a MeFi meetup. (I've been a MeFi member for over 9 years, too.)
Today (if we manage to get out of house), Seattle at Twins: Bedard vs. Blackburn
Next week, Milwaukee at Twins: Suppan vs. Slowey, Parra vs. Perkins, Looper vs. Baker
Red Sox at Twins, in 2 Mondays: Penny vs. Liriano (this is the one I'm unsure about; I think Matsuzaka is coming off the DL)

I've never seen Liriano pitch, but I've seen every other guy in the Twins rotation at least once. After this next series, the only current Brewers starter I won't have seen pitch at any time is Gallardo. (I missed Sabathia and McClung last year, but saw McClung pitch in relief this year.)
Kerry Ligtenberg attempting comeback with St. Paul Saints: man, unemployment sucks, doesn't it? At least he managed to escape Cottage Grove.

How Not to Price Your Tickets: analysis of the secondary market for baseball tickets indicates that, surprise of surprises, expensive seats at Yankee Stadium are overpriced in regards to demand

what the Seibu Lions did with Matsuzaka's posting fee--so the Red Sox basically paid the Lions $25 million to update the Seibu Dome, making Lions fans a bit happier. Sox fans, however, are stuck watching a declining pitcher. (I will not complain about Jeff Suppan...much; at least he was what it said on the box.)

The Fickle Twitterer: "The half-life of a microblog, it turns out, is even briefer than the half-life of a blog."
...blogs I can't update right now, that is.

a) What is with this rash of pitchers getting hit with batted balls? Chris Young and Nick Blackburn got hit last year, and so far this year Joe Martinez, Cole Hamels, and Koji Uehara have been hit. Something Must Be Done.
(note: sarcasm, because someone in the media is going to write a srs bsns article about it eventually)

b) Baseball comics, the sort featuring real players. I'll be on the way to Milwaukee during Free Comic Book Day, which is what brought this to mind--last year one of those sorts of comics was a stadium giveaway, but of course I've never seen any of that sort of thing turn up in a comics blog post. The closest thing I've seen was that Tropicana Field trip page with pictures of that art depicting some of the 2008 Rays as superheroes.